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 Marcelo Loring Jones

This is page 13 - photos taken early August
Marcelo was 4 months on July 28
page 12 - almost 4 months
page 11 - 14 weeks - click here

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Marcelo's home page here

I've started eating some veggies and rice cereal. My first experience with
carrots was photographed - see below. Grandma Susan assembled
my new high chair and it's got a play tray and a food tray. I can
hang out in the kitchen now in my own chair.
I have my two bottom teeth - I love chewing on things! My Mom
is not too happy though when I chew on her!

This high chair has some good thingees attached
to chew on when I'm not eating in it.

The green part of this attachment thingee
is perfect for teething. I can even grab it myself
and put it in my mouth.

But this is what this chair is really for!
- eating carrots!

My Dad and I put in a little porch time on Aug. 1

Grandpa Andy is fun to play on!



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