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 Marcelo Loring Jones

This is page 15 - photos taken mid-late September
Marcelo will be 6 months tomorrow on September 28
page 14 - 5.5 months - here
page three - 24 days old (April 15)   =  page two of photos - 13 days old
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I'm getting a lot better at sitting up and handling things.
Best of all is tasting everything I can pick up!
I'm eating a lot of different foods now and so far I like everything:
cereal, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, applesauce, bananas

My dad's cousin, Laurel, sent me this great clapper
thing! It makes a lot of noise and I think maybe
I'll be a percussionist when I grow up, like my Dad.


My grandmother Susan bought this soft book for me in Napa.
My favorite page is this one with a blue beetle with shiny wings.

I like to pull on the blue shiny wings!

I like to try to eat the blue shiny wings!

I also like this noisy popper turtle.

marcelo and bunny hop baby blanket
I'm a model!
I posed with a new baby blanket that Auntie Barbara designed for
the family yarn company- see more of the photos HERE


My Grandpa Michael gave me a Raiders tee shirt
to wear when my Dad and I watch his favorite team!

One of my favorite things is the TV remote, the telephone runs a close second.
I can mess up the TV and turn the screen blue really quickly.
Chewing on the remote is also a lot of fun.

We took Kaya for a walk at the Pt. Isabel dog park, I wore
my jean hat to keep from getting a sunburn.


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