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 Marcelo Loring Jones

This is page 16 - photos taken mid-late October
Marcelo was 7 months old October 28
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page three - 24 days old (April 15)   =  page two of photos - 13 days old
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I have been really busy the past month and although I've had a lot of photos
taken of me, I haven't gotten Grandma Susan to get them up - so this is catch-up!
My appearance is changing - I now have two top teeth (it hurt getting those!) as well as 2 on the bottom.
and everyone says I'm getting more hair - at least in top and in back.
I can sit up pretty much anytime without falling over, tho' I do tilt from time-to-time.
I can hold my own cup of water, but I let others hold my bottle.

I know what I want to be when I grow up!
A stock car driver like my Uncle David used to be.
Mom takes me to Willard Park and I love to drive this car in the tot lot!

This driving is very serious business, I have to concentrate really hard.

But, sometimes I have to take a break
and chew on the rear view mirror, too.
When you have teeth coming in, you get whatever comfort you can!

The other thing I love at Willard are the swings!
Those are Mom's arms just giving me a push in the photo.

I went to visit my Dad and everyone at work.
I love computer keyboards as much as I love remotes!


But then things got really exciting! Dad took me up to his music
studio and put a drum stick in my hand. I knew exactly what to
do when I got near the cymbals!


But the best was the snare drum!
With a little practice, I'll be ready to play with Dad and Erik.


I'm a model again!
This time with a new grandma-knit blanket
for the family yarn company.
I'm taste-testing the new Bamboo yarn here.


I told you, I've been busy! My first trip to IKEA was
really fun and I got some cool toys and a light for my room.


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