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 Marcelo Loring Jones

This is page 18 - Christmas - New Year's 2007
Marcelo was 9 months old December 28
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Over the holidays we had a great visit with my cousins from Brooklyn.
It was great being with two older boys
and we went to the park and played with toys.
I got some fun Christmas presents and I also loved playing
with the empty boxes and wrapping paper.

Here I am with my cousin's friend, Jet, in
the park. I'm holding a metal detector that
Milo got for Christmas.

My cousin Milo helped me steer my car in the park.

Milo and Cyrus and I plan our demolition derby!

Mom helped me stand up, one of these days I'll do it alone.

My dad was throwing the ball for Kaya while I watched.

Kaya was waiting for Dad to throw the ball, he's standing behind me.

Grandpa Michael, my Dad and me at Christmas.

I really like going down the slide at the park.

I got a drum from Grandma Shirley. Soon I'll be able to play drums with my Dad.

I found out that boxes and wrapping paper are fun toys, too!


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