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 Marcelo Loring Jones

This is page 19 - February 2007
Marcelo was 11 months old February 28
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I have been so busy I haven't shared any photos for a couple months.
I'm busy crawling, standing up, pointing, saying buh, da, na, and a few other sounds.
I like to go to Pt. Isabelle and see Kaya play with other dogs. So here are some photos from
a trip to Pt. Isabelle. I also have photos every month taken in my Great-Grandpa Smith's
pink chair that my mom inherited from him. Here are my 11 month photos.

Here I am with Mom and Dad at Pt. Isabelle. I'm looking at the ocean
in this picture.

I like this photo of me with my mom!
I have my Goody Goody airplane shoes on and my new jacket.

Grandpa Andy tried to get Kaya in a picture with me, but she kept moving
too fast, so you can just see her tail and legs here behind me.

I like to stand up now and look at my books, I love this red page!

I like to turn the book pages as fast as I can
with my thumb.

I've figured out I can make my Grandma Susan raise her arms when
I do this. It works almost everytime.

Sometimes Kaya helps me when my ball rolls away from me.
She just licked my ear as I crawled by.

Here's my 11 months pink chair photo.

You'll see the phone next to me in some of these pictures.
I love the phone - but sometimes I hang up on people
because I push too many buttons with my thumbs.

My dad made me laugh while Grandma took my picture.


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