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 Marcelo Loring Jones

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Marcelo was 1 year old on March 28
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Photos Taken on Marcelo's First Birthday
(see HERE for Birthday Party pictures the following Saturday)

Mama and Grandma Susan took me to Gymboree on March 28.
I'm not so sure how I feel about this big clown. My Dad doesn't like clowns,
I think maybe he's right.

There is a lot of fun foam stuff to climb on.

I'm pointing at Grandma Susan's camera. I love to point at things!

I have some of these Gymboree balls at home - I love to play with
balls and throw them.

This is a slide and I crawled up it and slid back down a few times.

We had lunch with friends at the Claremont Hotel a little while before my
birthday - I figured out how to drink through a straw. But the Sippy Cup is easier.

Mom and I sit with Kim. They talk and I look at the view!

Auntie Sandy visited from So. Calif and we had fun together for the day.

Here we are at lunch - a nice waitress took our photo. I love
being up on Dad's shoulders.

I couldn't resist hamming it up a little for Grandma's
picture taking.

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