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 Marcelo Loring Jones

This is page 21 - 1 year old
Marcelo was 1 year old on March 28
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Photos Taken at Marcelo's 1st Birthday Party
(see HERE for Birthday Day at Gymboree pictures on the 28th)

My cake had a Tiger on it! I love tigers and I loved my cake
(to look at, but not to eat. Maybe I'll like to eat cake when I get bigger?)

Here's a view of the top of my cake - it was from Virginia Bakery in Berkeley.
That's where my Mom and Dad got their wedding cake, too.

I got some great presents, here I'm testing the box from the Blooms
with the percussion mallet. Isn't this a great looking box! - done in graffiti for me by Uncle Russ.

Hooray, Touchdown! Everyone just sang Happy Birthday to Me!

The birthday boy got the crown!

Aunt Michaelann gave me a great toy - an Animal Train that plays a song
that drives my folks bats when I play it over and over.

I love playing with Marco when he comes to visit. He likes to twirl things with me.

Uncle Josh and Dad and friends did some Cuban drumming in the yard for my birthday.

A great day! I got nice and dirty, including my face and saw lots of friends and family!
Go to this page for my actual Birthday Day photos.



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