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 Marcelo Loring Jones

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Marcelo was 1 year old on March 28
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  I'm walking the last 3 weeks ! 

I have been strolling on our block - I started walking at the beginning
of June and I love it! It beats crawling!

Dad and I walk and I like to look at the wheels of the cars.

I've discovered brooms lately - I like to sweep and I like to find brooms
in all sorts of places - I even spot people sweeping at places we visit.

Below are photos taken at the family warehouse where I found a great old broom.

I know this looks a dumb old broom that I found in a corner, but I love it anyway!

I like to hold the brooms I use by myself with no adult hanging on to the top.

The cool pony shoes I have on are from our friends at Goody-Goody next door.


Sometimes it's so much fun walking that I burst out laughing!

I modeled a new baby hat for our family yarn business -
the free pattern is here.

My Aunt Devon visited from Australia. We took this photo
at the fish store mural near my house. Grandmother Shirley is in the middle.
Devon is next to Grandma Susan holding me.

Below is a photo with Kaya in it, too.


Mom and Dad have taught me how to let off steam - Bend at elbow, clench hands, and say "Oooh, it makes me so mad!"

Well, OK, I can't say "it makes me so mad" yet, but I get the "Oooh" plus hand and posture part!

Before I came along, Grandma had to use this little mannequin guy to
model CPY knit models - I guess when I get too big, she'll have to use him again.


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