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 Marcelo Loring Jones

This is page 23 - 18 Months
Marcelo is 18 mos old on Sept 28
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I have figured out how to play the harmonica.
We have two and here I am playing them.
Here's a video that is on YouTube:


I love to have Grandpa Andy read to me - and I have discovered
Thomas the Tank books - here I am with Andy and a Thomas book.

I like riding on my Dad's shoulders

I like this photo 'cause it makes me look like a really big kid! I'm holding
a balloon that lost its helium, but I like all balloons!
I am fascinated with teeny flowers growing in the grass at the park

I love playing with sand, but I hate it when it gets in my shoes.

Andy carries me on his shoulders, too, just like Dad does.
We are on our way home from Willard Park here.

I went to Tahoe with Mom and Dad for a wedding at the end of Sept. Here we are in
front of the lake.  I called it a Bath... (same word I use for all water).

I was pretty interested to see snow for the first time in Tahoe.
At first the snow made me nervous, but when Ga-Ga (aka Grandma Susan) made me some snowballs, I decided I liked to throw them. I'm modeling a new vest pattern here, too.

Ga-Ga and I read some Dr. Seuss on the deck at our Tahoe hotel.


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