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 Marcelo Loring Jones

This is page 24 - 19 Months
October 2007
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I like to gather all my stuffed friends and put them on the sofa.
Here I am with them in a video. The striped Blah-Blah is mine,
the new girl Blah-Blah is for my baby sister coming in February.


Here I am in a photo to go with the video above.

My dad and I played some basketball last month. The photos
are a little out of focus - we were moving FAST, but I like to look at them anyway.

Wow, this is a big ball!
We made a basket!  2 points!

I like to watch my dad dribble the ball, I can't quite do that yet.

But I am really good at throwing the ball up in the air!

A good game, but I think I need a lower basket!
I started stacking blocks when I was just a few months old and I'm getting pretty
good at it. I decided to try stacking on top of a rocking stand
and I got a lot of blocks stacked up!

Ooops! There it goes tipping over.

I'm very patient and I'm starting over - here's 4 on the stack.

Now there are 5 and I'm blowing on the stack 'cause my dad does that sometimes.

Very gently - now there are 6

Going for 7 !

Yeah! 7 and I'm going to put on #8

And here is #10 - I actually got to TWELVE, but Ga-Ga
didn't get a photo of the total stack! That's my record, 12!



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