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 Marcelo Loring Jones

This is page 25 - 22 Months
January 2008
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Lots has happened since the last page here, almost 3 months ago in October!
I'm going to have to talk to Grandma Susan about being late posting new pictures.
I have a new cousin! Kenneth Aaron MacEwan was born on Dec. 30.
(see photo below and more photos of him here).

I've been really getting good at talking! I'm learning new words everyday
- well, I KNEW the words, I just wasn't saying them before.
I know lots of colors and it's really handy to say "blue ball" and "yellow broom" and "red car".
And I can count to 10 and like to count things like peas, nuts and steps.
I know the alphabet, too - I like to watch for signs with letters on them
as I go places in the car and call out the letters.
I go to Chelsea's house for daycare 3 mornings a week and really like it.

I'm going to have a new baby sister in a week or two and I
know it'll be fun to have a baby in the house - the next page of pictures here
soon will show both of us!

Here I am with Aunt Isabelle meeting my new cousin, Kenneth
when he was one day old.

I got new Frog Boots from Ga-Ga and Daddy got me a frog raincoat to match.
Ga-Ga showed me how to stomp in the puddles on the deck and I loved it.

The green watering can was full of water so I poured that out
and made the puddle bigger.

Here's a video of me stomping!

Andy (Di-Di) and Daddy hold me up in my new frog rain coat.

I'm having fun drawing. I like to have Ga-Ga draw a balloon
and then I draw the string on it.
Daddy and Ga-Ga took me to UC campus and I like this
big green gate. It's Sather Gate and that is Sproul Hall in the background.

I love to ride on my Daddy's back!

I like Di-Di to read me stories and share pistachios with me.
He opens them and I eat them. Sometimes I like to count them before I eat them.
I carry that blue bowl out to the kitchen
and throw away all the empty shells when we are done.

And here is one more video of me in the rain being FrogBoy!
You can hear the rain.



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