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 Marcelo Loring Jones

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early March  2008
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We had lots of family visiting last month. My Great-Grandmother Mary came to
meet the new babies (my new baby sister Nadia, my 2nd cousins Kenneth & Olive Veronica).
Olive's daddy, Tristan, has lots of photos of all of us on her site, too.
Then my cousins from Arkansas came to visit and I got to meet Benji and Zack
and go to the park and eat pizza with them.
My sister Nadia is a month old now and she is so cute.
You can see pictures of Nadia and a short video over here.

My two favorite songs right now are Cocody Rock by Alpha Blondy (I call it the "Coco" song)
& They All Ask'd for You by the Meters. I like to listen to them over and over again.
There's a video on You Tube of Alpha Blondy singing the Coco song that I get Ga-Ga to show me.
I like to get Ga-Ga or Daddy to turn the front & back windshield wipers on when
we are driving in the car. I can do great imitations of "front windshield" (2 arms) and
"back windshield" (1 arm) if asked.
Mommy and Daddy have bought a new house in Fairfax - a log house and we will be moving
in a couple months. There's a creek and a bridge, Ga-Ga showed me what ferns and moss were there.

I'm really increasing my vocabulary fast - I like putting sentences together.

Here's a picture of Cousin Anna (her baby is Olive), Milo, baby Olive, Cyrus, my sister Nadia in red, G-Grandma Mary, baby cousin Kenneth and me.

My cousin Cyrus and I both played inside the big Thomas the Tank Engine.
Cyrus and I got along well, he liked to give me hugs.


Benji and I both love strawberries, here we are sharing a plate of cut up berries.
Benji is my cousin from Fayetteville, AR.

My favorite toys at the tot lot at Willard Park are the two cars, this one has a horn.


Grandpa Di-Di took this picture of me drinking my favorite drink, "apple bubble", which
is my name for Martinelli's apple juice.  

Here's Daddy and me getting ready to go down the slide at
Willard - it sure is yellow! There's a blue slide in Fairfax I like, too.


Here's a picture of me next to the creek at our new house.

Ga-Ga took a short video of me playing on my conga drums
a few days ago - this was in the morning and I am still in my
pajamas - music is good anytime of the day!



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