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 Marcelo Loring Jones

This is page 27 - 2 yrs + 2 months
April - June 2008
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21-22 months - here
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19 months - here
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Lots of changes since the last photos. Now I'm 2 yrs old and we have moved to our new house.
I like it - lots of trees, a bridge, a wading pool, and Ga-Ga got me my own "yellow car" to ride on the bridge.
I'm starting a new day care the middle of June. I'm talking a lot about everything and learning a lot of new words.
My little sister, Nadia, is growing and I love entertaining her.
You can see some new pictures of her - here.

My Dad took this picture of me in April at the Oakland Zoo while I was
exploring. I like the zoo, but the train noise really scared me and
I jumped onto a strange lady with ketchup on my hands when the train came past.

Our new house has a cool studio behind it and her I am with my
friend, Mia, riding on my tiger. I named him "T-T". Mia lives in Fairfax near
us so I get to see her often.

Ga-Ga took this picture of me while I was visiting the Office where she, Di-Di
and Daddy work - I like to visit there. Those boxes are all full of yarn
and knitting needles. Below is a picture of all of us at the Office.


Di-Di and I both like watermelon a lot!
Here we are on the porch at the new house.
We are taking a break from painting the gate on the bridge - you
can see that down below.


Di-Di and I first started painting back in Berkeley
and now we are trying it again. I use water, but it
makes the wood change color anyway.

Now that I can't ride my favorite cars at Willard Park in
Berkeley anymore, Ga-Ga found the same car for me to
take to our new house. I like to ride it on the bridge!

Another fun thing that Daddy got me is a pool for the yard.
He taught me how to make water squirt and I'm getting good at it.
Fairfax is hotter than Berkeley, so this is a good way to cool off.



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