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This is page 29 - 2-1/2 yrs to 3 yrs
Fall 2008 - Winter 2009

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- Christmas '08 - Marcelo & Nadia

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Ga Ga is waaay behind putting photos up here! I'm asking her to run through a couple
seasons to show what we've been doing!  Nadia and I are doing more stuff together that's
fun! We play outside a lot at our house and get nice and dirty. I do a lot of digging,
playing with my Thomas trains, and going to the parks. Nadia started walking and
she loves to play with me. Sometimes we wrestle, but Daddy tells me to be gentle.

When it's rainy, we go to the Pavilion in Fairfax and play. I'm watching
Di Di play a harmonica here.

I like to pretend cook - I'm slicing wooden watermelon here
that Auntie Laura sent me.

Now that Nadia knows how to walk (she was 11 months old here),
 she likes to push me in a wagon in the hallway.

I love digging in our yard.
There is a lot of dirt, leaves and rocks to move around.

Papa gave me this CAT for digging.

My friend Delaney came to visit and we both love
watching Thomas the Tank Engine videos.

I like to set my Island of Sodor at the end of the dining room table and drive my trains.

Di Di's birthday was March 7 and I helped him blow
out his candles.

My birthday was March 28 and I was 3!
I thought I might want to be 20 instead of 3,
so I asked Ga Ga to put the numbers 3 and 20
on my cupcakes so I had both numbers.
Here I am helping Ga Ga put the 24 cupcakes on the stand
getting ready for my party in the park.

Grandma Shirley made me a really great cake and Grandpa Adam
decorated the top with my name and a drawing of Thomas the Tank Engine!
Grandma Shirley is getting ready to light the candles.

My friend, Noah, brought me a present. He likes dinosaurs and dragons
 (you can see a dino on his shirt). We go to Little Arrows together.

Here's everybody eating cupcakes and cake. It was a nice sunny day in the park.
My Dad grilled hot dogs and burgers, too.

It was fun opening my presents. I got a lot of fun stuff!

Nadia sat on Grandma Shirley's lap and had her lunch at the party.






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