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Marcelo Loring Jones
born March 28, 2006 - 8:57 am - 7 lbs 9 oz.

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Family Walk - May 27, 2006

Marcelo weighs 13 lbs this week. He's growing fast.
He is really beginning to LOOK at things and is constantly observing
things with high contrast especially - light/dark, black/white, bright colors.
He has a portable table-top baby chair with an arc of little stuffed things on it -
he especially seems to like the giraffe with "zebra" stripes and the little sun.
Marcelo and Grandfather Andy have a conversation in 2 photos.
And at the bottom photo, he is taking a nap on Grandmother Susan.

The zebra striped giraffe is the favorite.

The sun isn't bad either -
the pale blue elephant (out of the photo is too boring to look at.)

It's hard to focus when they are so close!

We aren't sure just what Marcelo was telling Andy, but it seemed quite serious.


Taking a nap on a Grandmother is always comfortable.



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