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Marcelo Loring Jones
born March 28, 2006

This is page 8 - photos taken June 1-6
Marcelo is 10 weeks old today, June 6

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Ten weeks old and figuring out new things all the time.
Knuckles are fun to chew.
Grabbing one hand with the other is an accomplishment.
Going on walks with Mom and Dad facing outwards
in the Bjorn is best.

I'm 10 weeks old today - hooray!

My favorite motions are "boxing fists"

Looking casual in my hoodie.

I can't really sit up alone yet,
but Grandma propped me up with pillows

I just discovered today I could grab one fist
with my other hand, this is pretty much fun.
I've been practicing all morning.

Sleeping in my swing is the best nap spot
with the swing going sideways.



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