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Marcelo Loring Jones
born March 28, 2006

This is page 9 - photos taken June 10-16
Marcelo is 12 weeks old today, June 20

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I had a lot of visitors this week. My grandparents Shirley and Adam
got home from their trip to the U.K. and came to see how I'd grown.
My "Uncle Russ" and Gianni and Marco came to say Hello.
Felix the Cat is my favorite thing to stare at and talk to.
My Dad took a picture to show how blue my eyes are!
I gave him a footprint for Father's Day.

My Dad took this photo.

I was glad to see Grandmother Shirley!

Relaxing on the couch with
Grandpa Adam

Hanging out with the boys - Marco and Gianni

Uncle Russ and I spent some time together, too.

I love to stare and talk to Felix - what a fascinating guy!

Grandma Susan comes by on Thursday mornings
and I have figured out how to grab things
today: her shirt & her bracelets,
I'm getting the hang of this hand-fingers thing.



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