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Wedding Photos by Devon Indig, Dacia's sister (taken with a Canon digital)
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Dacia's family pre-ceremony
from left: Chris Metzger (aunt), William Smith (grandfather), Dacia,
Shirley Peck (mother), Emma (friend), Adam Peck (stepfather) and Arlene (matron of honor)

Susan (Loring's mother) at left and Shirley Smith Peck (Dacia's mother) and the wedding dress.

Hal Feiger, Julie Batz and the Groomsmen watch Dacia and Loring
coming down the aisle toward them for the ceremony.

The mist over the Bay Bridge seen here in late afternoon cleared and we had
a clear, beautiful sunset and view of the lights of San Francisco.

William Smith and Adam Peck waiting in the Chapel while the women get ready.

Lissa Montgomery (Dacia's sister)
with her two daughters, Martine (left) and Claire (right)

All the Brideswomen after the ceremony
from left: Arlene, Martine, Devon, Claire and Lissa

Shirley, Dacia, Loring and Susan
after the ceremony

Dacia is ready to toss her bouquet


And Loring's sister, Michelle, was the one who caught it!

Loring removes Dacia's garter to toss to one of the single men.



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